Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some matters of business...

to take care of before Jan One.

I know a few of my family members use my sidebar to frequent other's blogs.

And the sidebar is NO more!

So to you all, I offer some solutions.

solution a.) if you have a blog of your own, on your dashboard, under 'Reading List', click the ADD button and type in the addresses you want to follow (shoot me an email if there's a blog address you need ;). Choose to follow publicly or privately.

solution b.) if you have gmail, click on the 'Reader' tab in the upper left hand corner, and slightly below that, you have an 'add subscription' button. Click-a-rooskie, and add the blog there!

solution c.) apparently there is an RSS feed for Yahoo users (such as myself) but I don't know how to use it yet :-(

so, the solution for us is d.) add a bookmark to your browser's toolbar!

Be sure to take action quick, so you don't miss any of the fun that's goin' on out there!


  1. I follow my blogs through and like it a lot. Did you get rid of all your old posts on this address? I thought you were just going to leave this one and start the new one.

  2. No I still have all the old posts, they're just under the new URL. It worked out perfectly. I didn't want to leave all the old posts, and I wouldn't have done it if that's what would have happened... I just grabbed my old URL again right after I switched so no one else would take it and do stupid things with it ;-)